Our varetial wines

Our "Inspiration" vintage

Winegrower for decades, I have always been struck by how the nature sets its seal on every harvest and the perceptions of this noble nectar that is wine.
Every year, my inspiration guides me towards the best approach to elaborate wines with the most adapted profiles, depending on their origins.
This time of the year is like a ceaselessly renewed symphony.

With this "Inspiration Plot 7.9 and 7.5.3" vintage, I gave way to my inspiration to explore a more complex universe, more divine, more mystical, more subtle, more stimulating as that of the vibration of mother nature.

These associations of figures come from vineyard plots with different and complementary characteristics.
The number 7 present on each of these inspirations is clearly defined as the symbol of the interaction of human life, the laws of nature,
of the divine will, perfectly characterizing the expression of these vintages.

Over the past few years, my inspiration has guided me towards new grape varieties such as Chardonnay and Gros Manseng, to offer a diversified palette,
by developing a new range of white wines in IGP Côtes du Lot.

NEW : "Côt Côt Côt"
For decades the emblematic grape variety of the Cahors vineyard was called Auxerrois, then Cot Noir and finally Malbec. A little wink to our French Cot with this cuvee