Didier PELVILLAIN’s portrait

During my childhood, back in 1971, Cahors wine obtained the “appellation d’origine contrôlée” marking the beginning of a new era in which I took part by joining the family vineyard at my young age.
 In 1978, I took part in the first BOTTLING IN THE PROPERTY of the PELVILLAIN vineyard.

“Wine is in my blood, I will be a winemaker”.

Being in permanent contact with the winemakers of the revival of Cahors, I became imbued with their dynamics and I learned a lot from them. 
The search for constant quality and excellence both for our vineyards and for our wines, is our daily concern.
My work is not limited to my vineyard and to my cellar. A wine appellation can only live and progress thanks to the thinking and action of volunteers, such as me, within
regional bodies, like U.I.V.C (Union Interprofessionnelle du Vin de Cahors) and F.D.V.I. du Lot (Fédération des Vignerons Indépendants). 

Furthermore, as a member of Jury Expert, I regularly participate to blind tastings of Cahors wines, whose results are very important to assist winemakers improving in their job.

In 2002, the "Confrérie des Vins de Cahors" inducted me as a knight, and I quickly entered its Grand Council. Today, I have the honour to act as its Grand Master.
 My objective is always to promote and help discovering the virtues of the wines of our terroir to the most people.